Supporting Students

Happy, secure students do better.

That is why it is just as important for us to be concerned about the welfare of our students as it is for us to focus on success and achievement. Our support for students begins before they arrive with us in Year 7.

Transition days for Year 6 students help them to become familiar with the academy and meet key people. When they arrive at the beginning of Year 7, other students act as their starter buddies, meeting them between lessons, helping them find their way around and liaising with the Pastoral Co-Ordinator for Year 7. Who better to help Year 7 settle in than an older student?!

Our comprehensive pastoral care system includes Pastoral Co-Ordinators (PASCOs) in each Year; non-teaching members of staff whose focus is the welfare of
students. They work closely with teachers responsible for the year group and together support any individual student in need of care, support or advice.

Rushey Mead students have a genuine sense of responsibility and care towards their academy and each other. We welcome and value the opinions of students and there are many opportunities for them to make a difference at Rushey Mead, through student councils, action groups and through our Divisional (house) System.

Pastoral Coordinators 

Year 7 - Alex Furniss

Year 8 - Kalisha James

Year 9 - Reshma Bharakhada  

Year 10 - Hina Parmar

Year 11 - Maria Jones